24" Foam Planer w/Hard Wire Brush

24" Foam Planer with Hard Wire Brush - Air Motor unit, with a variable speed electric motor, is recommended for planing closed cell foam and open cell polyurethane foam and soy-based insulation. The carbide blades and wire brushes are interchangeable.

Requirements: The air motor operates most efficiently when air pressure is maintained at 90-95 psi. An air compressor able to deliver 23.0 cfm is necessary.

Incoming air should be DRY, clean and filtered. 3/4" line from compressor. Last 20' use 1/2" airline. Lubricate this tool at least once every 8 hours by pouring a small quantity of air motor oil through the air inlet.

Safety: Although every effort has been made to make the foam planer and brushes as safe as possible, it is the responsibility of the user to wear appropriate safety gear. Adequate eye protection is a must.

$ 1,250.00

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