AP2 - Air Purge Gun

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AP-2 Air Purge Gun

Weighing in at a mere 2.1 pounds, less than any other air purge gun on the market, Polyurethane Machinery Corporation's AP-2 Spray Foam Gun may also be the easiest to use. With a minimum trigger stroke distance, it immediately develops a spray pattern, thereby reducing operator fatigue. The PMC AP-2 Gun has a special check valve that prevents chemicals from entering the gun's air passages, and multi- directional airflow passages keep tips clean, reducing maintenance and down time.

This PMC Spray Gun is the lightest, most compact and least expensive American-made AP gun sold in the marketplace. The handle can be removed for installation of a custom handle or for connection to robotic equipment. The gun body has a special coating designed to resist buildup of foam or other coatings. Users have commented on how much less maintenance is required for this unit compared to other units.

Lightweight, Compact Design Short Trigger Stroke Reduces Operator Fatigue Check Valves for Maximum Gun Block Performance Purge Air Check Valve Prevents Chemical from Entering the Air Passages of the Gun Advanced Design for Pattern Development and Mixing ï¿1/2 Separate Hardened Pattern Control Tip (PCT) with Adhesion Resistant Coating ï¿1/2 A Series of Air Passages for Tip Blow-off ï¿1/2 Full Range of Round and Flat PCTs ï¿1/2 Blaster Tip Designed to Spray a Stream Up to 15ï¿1/2 ï¿1/2 Pour Tip and Other Custom Configurations Immediate Spray Pattern Development Ability to Mount Different Handle Configurations Simple Disassembly and Maintenance Access Adhesion Resistant Gun Finish Modular Construction: Separate Handle, Trigger Air Manifold and Air Cylinder Body Unique PMC 180˚ Rotational Head Coupling Block


$ 1,180.00

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