Aftermarket P2 Spray Gun

Considered by many to be on the edge of plural-component air-purge gun technology, is being offered at nearly 70% off suggested retail price.

  • Extremely user friendly
  • Less downtime
  • Less Maintenance
  • Low parts comsupsion
  • Most responsive trigger action of any air -purge gun

Our aftermarket P2 Gun provides coating and foam applications for roof coating, wall and roof insulation, tank and pipe coating, truck bed liners, waterproofing and secondary containment spill prevention. The Graco foam and poly urea spray gun is used in both residential and commercial painting and texture application, bridge maintenance and the application of spray foam insulation. The P2 spray foam gun works with adhesives, polyurethane, poly urea and various roof coatings. These are new OEM units being sold at a deep discount, backed by a comprehensive inventory of replacement/maintenance parts, both OEM and SPF Depot-made.

$ 995.00

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